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My name is Yasin Tekin, but I am also known as Yashinu or just Yash!
I live in a small town next to Sindelfingen (Germany). I got into the whole design stuff at the age of 13 (1999) with a videogame called „Midtown Madness“.
Back then I converted vehicles from Need For Speed 4 over to „MM“. 
After a while I got interested in making my own stuff. That‘s when
I started to teach myself how to work with software like CINEMA 4D and Adobe products.
After teaching myself how to use those programs I started creating more vehicles and other stuff.
I made some mods and other additions for games like „Grand Theft Auto 3/VC/SA“. My mods were shown to public in the german TV Gaming-Show „Giga TV“. I also led Germany‘s most known GTA Community for 9 years and I even knew some people from Take 2 Interactive / 2K Games. In 2008 I went to the Academy of Designs in Stuttgart where I improved my design techniques. In 2007 I created the worlds first Mod for the videogame „Crysis“ by CryTek.
My Mod was downloaded about 10.000 times within a week and featured in many PC Magazines & Websites. I even gave two interviews to german magazines. In 2011 I began to expand our website with a YouTube Channel, which was
about all other games and we even got kind of famous during E3 2011.
Currently I am helping out some Streamers on Twitch.TV by making designs / overlays for them.

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